Our History


Electric Maintenance Service was founded in 1918 by Walter N. Burr and incorporated as Electric Maintenance Service in 1923. Nobody knows for sure when the company also became known as EMS, but evidence in advertising documents indicate that change occurred sometime in the late 1920′s or 30′s. Occupying its third site (all three in Bridgeport), the company is currently located at 143 Bennett Street. The company moved from Warren Street to its present home in the early 1940s, and shortly afterward faced one of its greatest challenges – a fire on the Fox Street side of the building destroyed much of the structure. Rebuilding the damaged structure would not be easy, due to material shortages that occurred during World War II. In fact, EMS required permission from Congress to rebuild because the steel that would be needed in the reconstruction was also needed for the war. Electric Maintenance Service, which supported many local factories that contributed to the war effort, was granted Congressional authorization, and repairs to the present building, along with construction of a new warehouse on Fox Street, were quickly accomplished, mostly with the use of cinder blocks and bricks. Other changes included the installation of a sprinkler … Continue reading